Industries Requirements

fotolia_48664923_general> You are a  physical commodities trading company, producing,  purchasing, selling, transporting, transforming, financing goods all over the planets. You are small or medium sized but you own one or multiple subsidiaries in different locations and you are handling one or multiple commodities.

Your counterparts are worldwide and have different profiles, they are miners, farmers, smelters, manufacturers. You need to provide them reliable services: delivering, financing, hedging.

> You need to monitor and control your risks, by following daily your prices, premiums, forex positions and value the risks associated in order to take hedging decisions. You need daily to know your counterparts’ credit limits and make sure that all new trades are not breaching them. Your cash must be in your hands and you need to monitor precisely your cash flow.

> You need to perform complex logistic activities in order to transport goods all over the planets. Your need to produce accurate and complex invoices, to produce any kind of documents for custom clearance and insurance purposes, to anticipate and monitor shipping schedule and to follow your inventory in warehouse.

>You need to  have an auditable, compliant and controlled accounting of your activities,in order to produce accurate and explainable financial and risk reports to your management, share-holders, banks, auditors.

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You are trading grains, beans, seeds, beanoil, sunoil, palmoil, ...

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You are trading cotton, short, medium, long, extra Long Staples, Egyptian, American Egyptian or Pima, ...

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You are trading base metals, metals concentrates, scraps metals, LME, LBMA, SHFE, ...

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