Trading General

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> You need to control your position, at any time during the day by reporting and analyzing your inventory in warehouse, afloat, your deliveries opened not yet sold, your forward position and your priced and unpriced lots.

> You need to control your risks as price, spread, premium, forex variations may damage your profit. You need to real time monitor and control these variations and understand what are the impact on your P&L. Your counterparts may also suffer of the market variations you need to be able to control at any time if they reach their credit limits.

> You need to control your P&L, which is complex as it comes from prices, spreads, premiums, costs, financing and other commodities specificities, you need to easily calculate and report it at each end of day and provide to your financial controllers easy ways to reconcile your trading P&L with the accounting P&L at each end of month.

> You need an efficient way of producing offers, contracts by having a system that know most of your counterparts and markets information in order to produce “whatif” scenarios and produce from their Quick offers that can be easily transformed to Deal Tickets, Contracts and Orders to the Market.

> You need to be able to access the markets, by having daily the prices loaded to the system from your a trusted source of data: Reuters, Bloomberg, …

>Take Trading Decisions by having accurate reports showing you the quantities to be priced, the quantities to be hedged, the quantities to be delivered, the valuation of your different exposures and your options to be declared.

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As a logistics coordinator you need to manage the transportation and the delivery of the goods, the clearance of the goods through customs, the invoicing, the management of the inventory, the payment, ...

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As a risk manager you need to monitor and control the market risks, the credit risk and the operational risks, ...

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Financial Control

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