Commodities Engineering provides hands-on project management and business analysis services meeting your needs around choosing and changing systems, enhancing existing solutions or optimizing your business processes.


> You implement Commodities Trading, Accounting, Risks, Treasury systems. You need strong project management skills to drive the project and the multiple stakeholders under time, budget and scope expectations with proper communication and risk controls.

> You develop or integrate new businesses and you want to make sure that your current and target systems are enhanced to support the new activities and business processes. You need to have the specifications properly collected through guided workshop approach, formalized and communicated to your providers. Your also need your teams to be engaged in testing and formally approving delivered software or enhancements.

> You harmonize and improve efficiency of your business process, across the different countries, companies, and departments of your groups being trading, logistics, finance, accounting or risks. You need a business analyst to understand your current processes, facilitate and collaborate to designing optimized target processes with your teams and support and manage the transformation.

> You stabilize your current systems, and you want to ensure systematic quality of the financial and risks results produced as they are critical to operate your business. You need someone to understand your data quality constraints and the expected results (Position, P&L, Risks…) that will analyze and provide solutions and also implement quality testing market standard, specific processes and drive change management to ensure the workability of your systems.

> You connect your software solutions. Although your IS environment is complex and wide, you want  to have your financial results consolidated, controlled and validated in a time-efficient and safe manner before being communicated. You need assistance to build controlled, auditable, documented and automated interfaces and data migration procedures between your systems (trading, accounting, risks, cash pooling, …) with specific ETL (Extract Transform Load) tools.