Business Analysis

ServicesCommodities Engineering provides business analysis for commodities trading and accounting systems based on 10 years experience in several international trading companies. We would be pleased to use our expertise to the benefit of answering your business analysis needs.

> You need a clear analysis of your current state.  We guide your teams through a bottom-up workshop approach to deliver a clear picture of where you are by organizing and leading ASIS business processes analysis. We present formalized business processes under flow-charts with a break down into process steps in order to identify the current stakeholders and analyze the current workload. We also identify and qualify points of improvements gathered during the workshops.

> You need to define your target state. We deliver a clear picture of your target business processes by organizing and leading ToBe analysis. The approach is similar to the ASIS analysis and will be guided by your top-down requirements and organizational challenges, i.e. harmonization, efficiency gain. We operate in an iterative mode with the teams to design the processes and ensure to have appropriate approval process in place to reach collective commitment on the goals.

> You need to adapt your current software solution to new requirements or implement a new software solution to reach your defined target processes. We organize gap analysis around existing systems or systems to be purchased to define their ability to support your target business processes. We produce formalized business requirements with detailed description of the scope of the changes and functional specification including the screens, the data models, the workflows, the reports, the controls to be developed to adapt the system to your needs. We also handle the internal approval process of all the documents to get alignment before reaching out to the vendors.

 > You need to  ensure that the delivered system correspond to your needs.  We build User Acceptance Tests by formalizing test scenarios matching you target business processes and specifications.