Change Management


One key component to a successful implementation of commodities trading system and process is change management.  Commodities Engineering would be pleased to embark your teams on the journey to meet your organizational challenges. 

> You need to ensure your teams are on board. We support projects we lead by reaching alignment of internal stakeholders on benefits versus challenges, communicating progress on the all the phases and making sure that critical change points are identified in advance and properly addressed.

> You need a competency center to rollout and support your systems. We build a Key Users structure where the identified team members are involved all along the project in analyzing the software, building and validating business processes, requirements, specifications, user manuals, validating  User Acceptance Tests, performing trainings and assisting the broader teams to adopt and use the software.

> You need to efficiently use 100% of the purchased functionalities. We develop training material for your teams by describing your business processes and mapping them to the functionalities of the software. User manuals and other documents are approved by the Key Users to be as adapted as possible for all the software users in the company.

> You need to ensure long-term system usage and stability of surrounding processes. We manage knowledge by maintaining business process documentation and user manuals up to date for you to rely on them despite any change in the teams. We also provide training sessions at your convenience to support the target organization in place.