Data Processing


Commodities Engineering handles the data processing phases of your system or organization related projects.

> You need to build interfaces. We implement ETL tools (Extract Transform Load) to perform automated, secure and controlled transfer of data by mapping information between your systems, i.e trading, accounting, risks, consolidation, referential data. We train your teams around the ETL to transfer knowledge and allow them to maintain mappings and interfaces adapted to your future needs.

> You need to automate your data migration. In the context of replacing or upgrading a software or moving from Excel to a new system we develop a data migration strategy adapted to your requirements. Workshops involving functional teams will help us define the granularity of the data to migrate, the cut-offs to apply, the reconciliation and validation procedures. Then we organize and document the referential and live data cleansing and develop automated scripts with an ETL. Once tested and approved, the ETL will ensure clean, automated, reconciled, documented, validated data migration at a cut-off date.

> You need to create a unique referential database. We offer solutions for you to manage, control and validate referential information, i.e analytical structure or counterparty, in a central manner and interface them consistently to your IS environment.

> You need to build consolidated and detailed reports We build consistent reporting structures to meet your requirements across the different countries, companies, departments of your groups, from trading to accounting via logistic, finance and risks departments. We specify, develop and organize the user acceptance tests (UATs)  around tools embedded by the software providers or specific reporting tools like Business Object.