Quality Management

ServicesThe services offered by Commodities Engineering include validating the accuracy of calculations and information produced by your systems.

> You need to ensure data used to support trading, production, transformation and financing of the goods is reliable enough to allow controlling of your activities. Inventory management, P&L management, risks management, invoicing, production of documents for customs and reporting of other financial indicators require constant verification of the software calculations but also of the quality and the completeness of the data input.

Although this daily work is mostly handled by the financial controllers, during the implementation of a commodities software we handle and follow-up sign-off on the following categories of tests by building, pre-executing, documenting them and organizing User Acceptance Tests (UAT) :

1 – Non-Regression Tests to verify that existing functionalities and business processes are not compromised by implementation of new ones

2 – Consistency Tests to ensure new functionalities delivered or new business processes developed correspond to your requirements

3 – Financial reconciliations to check accuracy of calculations i.e. P&L, position, inventory, credit limits, market risks, accounting, month end postings

4 – Performances Tests to control that the software is calculating and reporting data in the required time constraints