The Software Solution


Commodities Engineering would like to offer efficient, reliable, scalable and flexible Software Solution matching  its customers business growth and the complexity of their business requirements.

Commodities Engineering  is currently building a new generation of physical commodities trading platform using the latest technologies and providing straight-through processing workflows from trading via logistic to accounting, risks and treasury activities.


Multi-commodity software

The software will handle products of different type and complexity :

–  bulk agricultural products (grains, beans, …) for origination, distribution and international flows management
–  metals concentrates with multiple payable contents
–  cotton business with a bale by bale basis

Multi-service platform

The web based software is offering either  1) centralized and mutualized services via a software solution hosted by Commodities Engineering in SaaS mode (Software as a Service), or 2) services dedicated and specific to the customer by hosting the solution in the customers’ premises.

The SaaS mode will allow its customers to:

1 – Access the web-based software from any location
2 – Reduce the implementation costs by  optimizing timeline
3 – Benefit from standard market best practices
4 – Use services provided by Commodities Engineering, i.e. publication of market prices
5 – Retrieve data at any time  for reporting, backup, historization, interfaces puroposes
6 – Receive a more efficient support from our teams

The dedicated solution will allow its customers to have Commodities Engineering develop dedicated functionalities to meet their specific requirements and to build interfaces to their existing IS environment.