ServicesThe Software Solution developed by Commodities Engineering is divided into modules built around the same database to ensure straight-through processing workflows.

The modules will be available as a package or licenced one by one to meet clients’ individual requirements.

> Core Module: will offer the following basic functionalities:
– multiple companies, multiple commodities, multiple currencies, multiple languages
– implementation of standard and specific workflows
– management of counterparts, referential data, audit trail, security at functionalities and data level
– definition of multiple analysis angles, reporting and extraction of data

> Trading Module:  will allow the traders to produce, manage, report and control offers, deal tickets, physical contracts, deliveries, lots, derivatives products (Futures, Forex trades),  costs associated to the trades,  trading positions and market cards with physical and derivatives trades grouped together by month, daily valuation of the position to calculate the daily Gross Margin including realized and open P&L.

> Logistic Module: will allow logistics coordinators to produce, manage, report and control: shipping schedule, shipment follow-up, warehouse entries, releases, costs invoicing, goods invoicing, settlement of derivative trades, costs accruals, blending, tolling, documents to get through customs (packing list, proforma invoices …)

> Financial Control Module: will allow financial controllers to produce, freeze, reconcile and adjust at each end of period (day, week, month, year) the trading position, inventory position, market prices, valuation matrixes, month end accruals and MTM that will be posted in accounting and realized P&L between trading and accounting.

> Accounting Module: will offer a simple accounting ledger where all documents produced from trading and logistic modules (invoices, settlements, accruals, MTM, inventory variations) will be automatically posted with all required analytics to the live or the month end ledger. Trial Balance, Accounting P&L, Balance Sheet and Inventory reports will be available together with basic accounting processes like month end currency reevaluation so that embedded legder can be used for accounting purposes or interfaced to a group ledger if necessary.

> Risk Module: will allow risk managers to control the counterparts credit exposure, to analyze the market variations impacts and to monitor the operations risks (insurance, …)

> Market Database Module: will allow the management of all market informations used to value the positions, the risks and to produce accurate invoices. These market data are historical and forward (forward curves) prices, premiums, costs rates, forex rates, for terminal (LME, LMBA, SHFE, ICE, MATIF, …) and non terminal markets.

 > Communication Module:  will allow all users to send and receive documents by email, to version the documents and to link them to contracts, deliveries and lots in order to easily find all documents produced and received during contractual and logistic phases.