The Software Solution developed by Commodities Engineering is using the latest technologies from the markets as they are evolutive and will continue to exist for the next 20 years.

The software is based on a 4 tier architecture that allows the segregation of duties and maximize the security and the flexibly of the application.

Commodities Engineering is building its own framework in a modular way thanks to the object development methods provided by the Java technology and open source libraries.

For the SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, Commodities Engineering is currently negotiating partnership with main data-warehousing providers in order to guarantee to its customer the highest bandwidth, performance, reliability, security and support possible.

The current latest technologies used to develop the software are JAVA EE  for the development of the 4 tier architecture, Oracle for the development of the database, JBOSS  for the hosting of the application and presentation tier of the software, Maven for the structure of the framework, Primefaces for the built of the graphical web interface and Jasper for reporting and interface problematics.