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Balsamo is a unique CTRM capable of handling the full trade lifecycle of any commodity and is unrivalled for simplifying complex management of Raw materials, Refined, Scrap, Concentrates, Precious metals.

Selecting a CTRM solution can be one of the most important long-term business decisions a company can make. To support this process, Balsamo can be made available as a unique low-cost zero-commitment try-before-you buy Proof of Concept license - allowing thorough evaluation of the solution with real-world data and business processes prior to purchase.

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Personalised dashboard

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Simple invoicing module for complex deals

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Customable trading cards

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Dynamic & accurate graph reports

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The Commodities Engineering team has expert industry knowledge resulting in short implementation lead-times.

We enable our clients to:

  • Produce, purchase, sell, consume, transport, transform, finance and insure complex commodities worldwide
  • Monitor and hedge the market, client, operational risks resulting from the increasingly volatile and unpredictable Commodities Markets
  • Capture, exchange, report data in a stream-lined and secured manner

Balsamo is a comprehensive platform with the following benefits:

  • Developed using latest technologies
  • Based on a fast, precise and scalable Core Engine which is capable of handling large volumes and providing fast results for complex algorithms
  • Modulable and Cloud-based facilitating worldwide usage

Balsamo can fit any commodity, and in particular:

Metals Raw Materials







“Thanks to Commodities Engineering and their software we are able to manage the entire lifecycle of a large range of commodities and handle different levels of complexities with ease. Their Cloud solution gives us the flexibility to work remotely from any location in the world and ensure that our business is streamlined”.  

Doug Pratt, CEO
Greenwich Metals Inc.


“TThe Commodities Engineering team has impressed with us with their proven capacity to speedly and efficiently deliver software design to handle our must complex business cases. The CE team understand the business verry well and are quick to assist where needed. We consider them a long team partner”.  

Claudia Suter, Head of Traffic & Administration

« Balsamo currently handles real time data and logistics/operations every day (from the most complex to the simplest of commodities) for our clients who are located in 4 continents »

Ocean partners
Jérôme Seguin

Meet Commodities Engineering team

I founded Commodities Engineering with the objective of serving the physical commodities trading industry by providing a new generation of CTRM that allows for better control of risks, more integrated stream-lining of business processes, and is more competitively priced than any other product on the market.

Jérôme Seguin

Handle full trade lifecycle of any commodity

All integrated – no more spreadsheets

Cloud Based for secured access worldwide

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CE-Commodities Engineering SARL
Address: Chemin du vieux-puits 15
1228 Plan-les-Ouates
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Land-Line : + 41 (22) 506 81 65

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