The New Generation of CTRM Software
for Metals Raw Materials, Concentrates and Refined.


Your Requirements

You are a physical commodities Trading House, a Producer, a Miner or a Consumer

who is globally producing, purchasing, selling, transporting, transforming and financing goods.

Your enterprise may have one or multiple subsidiaries in different locations handling one or multiple commodities. Your counterparts are worldwide with varying profiles as miners, smelters or manufacturers. You need to provide them with reliable services: delivering, financing and hedging. 

You need to monitor and control your risks

by following daily prices, premiums, forex positions and valuing risks to take the correct hedging decisions. You need to know your counterparts’ credit limits and monitor moving contractual parameters to ensure that they are not breaching them. Your business requires accurate cash management and cashflows.

You need to perform complex logistic activities

handling transportation of goods globally overland, by ocean or by air.  You need to produce accurate and complex invoices and documents for custom clearance and insurance purposes, to anticipate and monitor shipping schedules and to track your inventory in warehouse.

You need to  have an auditable, compliant and controlled accounting of your activities

in order to produce accurate and explainable financial and risk reports to your management, share-holders, banks, auditors.


Our solution

Manage the whole life cycle of your trades

Specialising in CTRM for metals concentrates, raw materials and refined metal, CE is the leading provider of CTRM solutions for the metals, scrap and recycling industries.  Our clients range from miners to traders and end consumers.  Designed by a team from the metals industry our CTRM, ‘Balsamo’, is a fast, reliable, scalable, efficient and user-friendly CTRM using latest technology to provide the best user experience to manage these demanding and complex commodities.

We are so confident in Balsamo that we offer a unique risk free, try before you buy, Proof of Concept to allow you to put your most complex trades and scenarios through the system before committing to purchase.


Standard Features

  • Fast and easy trade-capture system for metals deals management.
  • Supports Raw Materials such as metal concentrates, Scraps, Industrial Minerals, Minor Metals, Precious Metals by calculating payable contents and their specific business rules – treatment charges, refining charges, price, participation, price sharing, escalators etc.
  • Allows you to create new complex business rules: PayablesTC, RC, PP, Scales, …
  • Efficient and scalable processing supports real-time and end-of-period P&L, mark to market and risk calculation.
  • Integrated BI tools deliver complex position, P&L reports and risks cards.
  • Web-based SaaS or dedicated hosting options.
  • Manages multiple users, companies, commodities, units of measurement, currencies and products
  • Provides segregated environments  by company, commodity and book.
  • Offers a flexible pricing formula module based on quotation periods compliant with different markets pricing rules – such as LME, LBMA, COMEX, SHFE
  • Many-to-many allocations of physical-to- physical and physical-to-futures/Forex
  • Optimise contract optionality, QP’s, back pricing, delivery, qualities etc.
  • Inventory, WSMD, logistics, blending, tolling, Invoicing, assay exchanges and analysis
  • Fast end of day, month, period P&L/MTM closing, data import/export & interfacing

Producing – Trading – Logistic – Risks – Hedging – Accounting – Treasury – Financial Controls – Consuming

Our Offer to the Metal Industry

Benefit from a unique blend of proven industry knowledge, try before you buy and an unequalled licencing and service package.

The Commodities Engineering team have implemented CTRM solutions for traders, miners and smelters working with raw materials, concentrates and base metals industries across the globe. The team are unique in their industry experience, comprising of former Financial Managers and Controllers for daily P&L, MTM and risk, and contract/ traffic administrators.

We know your industry because we’re part of it.

Our Unique Proposition

  • We are the leading provider of CTRM solutions for the metals, scrap and recycling industries
  • We offer a unique, risk free ‘try before you buy’ proof of concept allowing you to input your most complex trades and scenarios through the system before committing to purchase
  • Our design team consists of people from the raw metals and refined world who have an unparalleled knowledge of the industry
  • Our system is fast, reliable, scalable, efficient and user-friendly
  • We use the latest technology to provide the best user experience to manage demanding and complex commodities
  • We respect and support our clients, partners and people



Success stories

Our Clients are our partners. Each relation is extremely important to us, we ensure that it is a success and that our clients are taking full advantages of our solution quickly.

Here are some of our partners; be one of them!


Ocean Partners

Ocean Partners offers a complete range of trading services for miners, smelters, refiners and metal consumers around the world. Working closely with our global partners we offer customized risk management while linking clients to unique market opportunities.


In commodity trading, you need to recognize challenges, react quickly and develop your services in a pinpoint manner. We at Werco Trade AG trade with passion. In doing so, we follow a value-driven approach that meets market challenges, always placing great emphasis on reliability, fairness and precision. This enables us to develop profitable solutions for stakeholders and partners, promote trust and generate income over the long term.


Fom Mine to End User, Zopco offers financial, logistical and marketing services to our partners in the non-ferrous metals industry.


Manatrade and Manadist are Managem‘s Subsidiaries which have as main activities the distribution and the trading of the group mining products.


Welcome to your future at CE

We are currently recruiting: a Lead Developer, Developers and Business Analysts.

Imagining the most effective software for our Commodities Trading clients is important to us at Commodities Engineering. With continuous updates to new technologies the challenge is more exciting than ever!

We are the market leader in Commodities Trading and Risk Management software for a niche industry: metals concentrates and raw materials, incorporating physical contract management, futures, risk management, finance and accounting. These are the most demanding and interesting commodities with unique accounting and risk management requirements.

We are the only player with a scalable new-technology based solution and we are proud to demonstrate and deliver high standards in the quality of the product developed.

We pride ourselves in continually searching for the best algorithms and building the tools to make our calculation engine smarter and faster and to provide the best user experience.

At this stage of the company’s growth, we need you!

A talented Leader Developer, Developer, Business Analyste passionate about technology and possessing the  skillset to enable the delivery of a high standard quality product.


If you have always wanted to work in an entrepreneurial environment and be at the heart of building a business success then join us!

About us

Commodities Engineering

Commodities Engineering is a dynamic CTRM company bringing together Trading, Logistics, Financing, Controlling across multiple industries within the Raw Materials and Refined Metals markets.

We have a proven LIVE CTRM to resolve all your requirements with a unique blend of the latest cutting-edge software, a team of consultants from the industries and our implementation services which is reflected by the wide range of clients using the system.

Our design team have worked as financial controllers, heads of account, traders and in logistics/operations for some of the largest and most respected global concentrates, raw materials and refined metals traders. Combined with our ground breaking development team Commodities Engineering brings the industry’s strongest CTRM team with experience of working at every level of this complex and demanding industry. Our knowledge allows Balsamo to be rolled out seamlessly and efficiently for fast deployment while leaving you to carry on with your work.

Our ambition is that Balsamo will revolutionise the CTRM market by providing a flexible, adaptable and affordable solution so that companies of all sizes can proceed in a professional manner with the capacity to track, measure and report their positions, P&L and risks.


The Team

Commodities Engineering’s Team is unique and is the largest team of metals and metals concentrates experts within a Software Company.


Jérôme Seguin


I founded Commodities Engineering with the objective of serving the physical commodities trading industry by providing a new generation of CTRM that allows for better control of risks, more integrated stream-lining of business processes, and is more competitively priced than any other product on the market.

Mohamed Sallami

Senior Software Engineer

Mohamed is a highly skilled software engineer and a University Professor. He is in charge of developing the core Trading and Risks engine of Balsamo.

Gill Tweed

Senior Business Analyst - Metals and Metals concentrates

Gill is a qualified contract administrator with over 30 years traffic and logistics experience of raw materials, concentrates and base metals, having worked at some of the biggest names in the industry. Gill is an experienced BA involved in designing and testing new functionalities in Balsamo as well as training, supporting and implementing systems for our Clients.


Geoff Camp

Quality Manager

Geoff has more than 10 years experience in software testing and development for Metals Raw Materials and Concentrates. Geoff is in charge of developing our automated business tests and ensuring that we can deploy new version of Balsamo the next day to clients.

Amith Krishnan

Senior Software Analyst and Engineer

Amith has a long experience in developing Commodities Trading Software for Metals. He is in charge of designing and developing core Balsamo modules.

Dominique Falque

Financial Director

Dominique has 30 years international, multi-cultural, multi-sector financial management expertise and new project feasibility studies. Dominique is in charge in helping us funding the developments.

Contact us

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