Your requirements

You are a physical commodities Trading House, a Producer, a Miner or a Consumer

who is globally producing, purchasing, selling, transporting, transforming and financing goods.

Your enterprise may have one or multiple subsidiaries in different locations handling one or multiple commodities. Your counterparts are worldwide with varying profiles as miners, smelters or manufacturers. You need to provide them with reliable services: delivering, financing and hedging. 

You need to monitor and control your risks

by following daily prices, premiums, forex positions and valuing risks to take the correct hedging decisions. You need to know your counterparts’ credit limits and monitor moving contractual parameters to ensure that they are not breaching them. Your business requires accurate cash management and cashflows.

You need to perform complex logistic activities

handling transportation of goods globally overland, by ocean or by air.  You need to produce accurate and complex invoices and documents for custom clearance and insurance purposes, to anticipate and monitor shipping schedules and to track your inventory in warehouse.

You need to  have an auditable, compliant and controlled accounting of your activities

in order to produce accurate and explainable financial and risk reports to your management, share-holders, banks, auditors.


Handle full trade lifecycle of any commodity

All integrated – no more spreadsheets

Cloud Based for secured access worldwide

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