Logistic General

You need to follow the transportation of your goods from estimating the loading, discharge, dates and ports at the contract entry levels; via nominating vessels and means of conveyance; by following the current status of the shipment afloat up to the discharge at the counterpart premises or in warehouse.

You need to clear goods through customs by producing or gathering all required set of documents in a fast and precise manner: Packing list, Proforma-invoices, BL, Certificate of insurance … in order to be able to send a clean set to the customs.


You need to manage your inventory in Warehouse by managing your warehousing entries and releases by lot, bale or bulk based goods; by following precisely the remaining inventory quantities; by identifying the exact storage location of the goods within the warehouse; by being able to track each lot or bale and by declaring any loss of weight so that the required adjustments can be made.

You need to produce outgoing invoices and control incoming invoices proforma, provisional and final for goods and for costs.  These need to be in a format suitable for your counterparts and contain sufficient precision and rounding facilities. The invoices can be partial or multiple and you will need to have the ability to follow up precisely on the remaining quantities to be invoiced, priced and delivered.

You need to follow precisely the paymentsby having an accurate follow up of the payment terms and schedule; by easing and facilitating the negotiation of Letters of Credit;  by understanding and controlling the impact of early or late payments; by following the payment status whether partial, multiple or final and by clearly tracking the balances to be paid.

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