Accounting General

Your objectives are to:

  1. Ensure as much as possible that your trading is equal to your accounting gross margin P&L
  2. Simplify and accelerate the booking in your ledger of invoices for costs, goods, settlements of futures, forex, options.

3. Book documents with all required analytics in order  to be able to analyze and reconcile easily the accounting results with the trading results: origin of the goods, product, quality, execution reference, contract reference, invoice reference, book reference, …

4. Simplify and accelerate your month end closing by having automatic calculations, booking and easy reconciliation of your  inventory variations, accruals for costs, goods, Mark To Markets for costs, goods, inventory.

5. Be able to perform complex calculations like month end currency reevaluation, costs allocation, Interest calculation and allocations.

6. Have accurate and synthetic reports ready to be sent to the management, traders and auditors: P&L, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance,…

7.Have performant and controlled interfaces between your accounting and trading systems for both documents (invoices, …) and referential data.

Handle full trade lifecycle of any commodity

All integrated – no more spreadsheets

Cloud Based for secured access worldwide

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