CTRM Balsamo



Commodities Engineering entered the CTRM market in order to support commodities providers, trading houses and consumers in meeting their main challenges and expectations from a CTRM and its implementation :

– A CTRM efficient and reliable enough to calculate real time risks linked to volatility: market risk, client risks, Operational Risks
– A CTRM that shares data across different departments of the market players: straight-through processing
– A CTRM to replace old technology software by latest technologies
– A CTRM to handle multi-companies & books, multi-commodities, multi-currencies, multi-unit of measures
– A CTRM that is easy to implement and accessible everywhere

Developing and providing a new generation of CTRM: Balsamo
Utilising our hands-on implementation knowledge: Project Management, Change Management, Business Analysis, Financial Control, Data Migration

Exclusive Balsamo Business Functionalities:

Standard CTRM Functionalities of Balsamo

– Trade life-cycle management for Refined metals and concentrates

A fast and easy trade-capture system for multiple commodities and specifically metals deals management

High efficiency in supporting Refined metal and concentrates by calculating:

– Pricing rules
– payable contents
– specific business rules : treatment charges, refining charges, price participation, price sharing, escalators
– Real time position, P&L and risk calculation and reporting

A scalable and efficient calculation engine which will support real-time and end of period P&L and risk calculations in a reasonable time-frame

With it’s integrated BI tools, Balsamo delivers complex position, P&L reports and risks cards

“Tree” database allowing unlimited flexibility
Manages multiple users, companies, commodities, units of measure, currencies, products…

Precise and flexible trade valuation module that will allow you to setup your own rules

Offers a flexible pricing formula module based on quotation periods compliant with different markets and especially with LME, LBMA, COMEX, SHFE price rules.

Provides segregated and secured environments by company, commodities

– Detailed and precise cost tracking system
– Logistics events, i.e. inventory and shipping modules
– Manages future trades (outrights, spread, averages) and forex trades

Commodities producers, trading houses and consumers need a CTRM that is able to handle the products and processes they are currently dealing with. Most Generic CTRMs cover multiple commodities and standard functionalities (product life-cycle, inventory, accounting) but they lack flexibility of adapting to specificities.

Balsamo is designed for Refined and Metals Concentrate so adaptability to other commodities is a smooth transition.

Refined Metals and Concentrates is currently covered by no CTRM provider as they are limited by the depth of the content specificities.