How do you trade Commodities with a dispersed team?


Balsamo is a proven cloud-based Commodities Trading Software allowing users to access the platform in a secure and trusted way from any location

Cloud based CTRM

Balsamo CTRM offers secure cloud-based technology enabling access from any location. Data is hosted in a private cloud which is located in Geneva, Switzerland in an SOC2 certified data centre.

Your entire workforce will have high quality access to your commodities trading data in real time.

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Personalised dashboard

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Simple invoicing module for complex deals

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Customable trading cards

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Dynamic & accurate graph reports

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Is it possible to implement Balsamo when working remotely?

Yes. Being cloud-based the system can be accessed from any working location and our CE team are fully experienced in all types of implementations.


Is it possible to have customized reports in Balsamo?

Yes. The system comes already with a full set of standard reports but we also have the ability to quickly and easily create new client specific reports as required, enabling users to make trading/financing decisions more speedily and efficiently.


Do I still need to manage various interconnected spreadsheets?

No. Balsamo can generate all documents you need to run your business, and all calculations are done within the system. No more spreadsheets.

Easy implementation

Balsamo currently handles real time data and logistics/operations every day (from the most complex to the simplest of commodities) for our clients who are located in 4 continents.

Our clients
Jérôme Seguin

Over the last year home-working has dramatically increased and, by all accounts, is here to stay. However, dealing Commodities in a precise way requires important up-to-date sets of data which are often only available from within the office. I founded Commodities Engineering with the objective of offering a full service to the physical Commodities Trading industry by providing a new generation of CTRM which is cloud-based, fast and secure and allows for greater control of risks, as well as more integrated and streamlined business processes.
During the past 10 years Commodities Engineering has helped clients to analyze, hedge and control their substantial operations on a daily and intraday basis. We look forward to demonstrating the benefits you and your team will gain by installing Balsamo as your primary CTRM system.

Jérôme Seguin, founder and CEO Commodities Engineering

Join our clients who already manage commodities trading across the 4 continents.

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